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Native Corner Part 1

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“Falling leaves always come back to their roots.”

Much truth is behind the ancient Chinese Proverb. Every once in awhile, it feels right to indulge in flavors we grew up with. This coming October, Tortelloni will give a whole new twist to our native Visayan Cooking.


 Rendition No 1 – Crispy Wonton topped with Banana Heart & Jackfruit Salad and Long-Jawed Anchovies

Rendition No 2: Negrense Beef Stew

Rendition No 3: Braised Pork in Lemon Grass, Pidgeon Pea, and Jackfruit Sauce

Our Certificate of Appreciation

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Congratulations to the organizers of this event! Animo La Salle!

Southbay Clubhouse

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Hero Dad

You Are My Hero, Dad
You’re My Secure Foundation.
When I Think Of You, I’m Filled With Love
And Fond Appreciation.
You Make Me Feel Protected;
I’m Sheltered By Your Care.
You’re Always My True Friend; And Dad,
When I Need You, You’re Always There.
You Have A Place Of Honor
Deep Within My Heart.
You’ve Been My Superhero, Dad,
Right From The Very Start.
By Joanna Fuchs

Isn’t the place lovely? It was our first time to set foot at Southbay’s Clubhouse. Southbay is a subdivision in Bago City near Crossing Camates. We were there to witness the birthday celebration of a superman! Fathers are, in a lot of ways, their children’s heroes. Whether it’s teaching them how to play basketball, ride a bike, or helping with homework, Dads are often up for the demanding tasks their children require from them. Happy Birthday, Super Eddie!


(Above: Our dashing waiters and Table set up with Balloon Centerpiece)


(On the Menu: Roasted Chicken in White Wine, Osso Buco, Carbonara, Fish Fillet Italiano, and Mango Panna Cotta)

20120813-152700.jpg                       (Above: The birthday Boy dancing with his wife.)

We love getting feedback!

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“I’m writing to highly commend your catering service for a job well done! The food tasted great and I consider everything a success! … Looking forward to do business with you. God bless!”

-Christie Aczon

75th Birthday Menu

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A light heart lives long.
– William Shakespeare

We were given the privilege of contributing to the success of one dear grandmother’s 75th birthday. It was a very sweet occasion… Something we would gladly do a repeat of.

Since the occasion was a very special one, we were determined to make the chosen dishes on our menu very special also. Chef Migui prepared one of his signature dishes: grilled sirloin in mushroom sauce. Choice cuts of beef sirloin were seasoned to perfection, grilled and generously layered with mushroom sauce.


While Chef Migui was busy grilling the sirloin, our Chef-Nutritionist, Chef Carla was also hard at work creating her blue ribbon, golden-brown chicken cordon bleu. They were gone almost instantly!



The crunchy, juicy and cheesy chicken cordon bleu paired really well with the mixed seafood pasta.



Everybody loves dessert, hence, to complete the extra special selection, our team prepared chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache decorated with gum paste flowers and red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting topped with red colored sugar.

Food Tasting 04/27/2012

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Yes, we offer food tasting!

The appetizing start…

crab and mango in crispy wonton


Carrot Soup


Tortelloni Chicken Salad


Balsamic roasted chicken


Tuscan Ragu Fettucini (a closer look)


Fish sticks with yogurt sauce


Osso bucco ala milanese

Kasalan 2012 Bridal Fair

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Check out our booth @ Robinson’s Place Bacolod!

We will be there until April 15, 2012.


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